What is Western civilization? How does one even try to explain this because it can be a very dispassionate subject as well as a biased one. Western Civilization to me on what I learned in this class, plays a huge role in our global and national aspect pertaining to an economic and vast growth.  The different changes in different characteristics of life from the change of global temperatures, to industrial manufactures, to different types of diseases, to the mass growth of our human population, whatever the outcome may be we have no control of what one thinks or take the full/partial blame or credit for that, unless we are a contributor to the mass changes, and most likely we contribute to that in some sort of way.  Ethnicity, traditions, cultures, religion, slavery,  government, etc. are some examples that contribute, but I would like to focus more on the vast growth of the industrial industry, religion sector, political views on why western civilization still plays a huge role in our society.

Factory work lured Americans to urban centers and depopulated entire rural communities.

Western civilization was introduced in the late eighteenth century to the beginning of the nineteen century. “The American Revolution spurred the birth of a nation, the Industrial Revolution marked that nation’s growth into maturity. The Industrial Revolution altered all aspects of American life, from the economy to politics and the fabric of society itself” (Industrial Revolution, article). During the Industrial Revolution, not only did America have the advantage of the consumer market in the vast internal growth, it also had the vast international growth. The economy in America was growing at a substantial rate.

In order to gain economic growth, Americans had to take advantage of an hourly wage and take advantage of a worker with a skilled trade or not, to a certain extent. Having a wage was a way to  run a successful business and keep it in America, then and even now. This was a huge change in the America’s it made the great changes over the decades and molding our economic growth and industrialization. As the population multiples, factories and manufactures were being built, plantation and mining was also a great contributor to the growth of economy. Still today there are manufactures being built, vehicle manufactures, clothing factories and plantation is also still a major contributor. So in that aspect Industrial sector is still a great thing.

In Second Religion. Religion is such a sensitive topic to talk about because everyone has a different view based on their own family values. When Christianity religion was brought over to the Americas by the Europeans it was taught and it cultivated in the American Indian Society. “In the eyes of assimilationists, this did not go far enough-the children were too well-connected to home life and it did not provide the desired effect of “civilizing” them into white American culture. As General Richard H. Pratt, a champion behind assimilation often phrased it, “Kill the Indian, and save the man” (Kill the Indian, Save the man, Article). By doing so it became a successful failure. Gathering and removing American Indian children from their homes, families and there traditional teachings to attend boarding schools outside their inner circle was a gain and a lost for some.

In today’s society, being American Indian, Christianity was taught in the community and surrounding areas but my family cultures and traditions were instilled in my upbringing and hold a strong existence of who I am as a person.  Being able to practice our native ways is a very important thing in my life as well as other American Indians who still practice today. I practice a very traditonal lifestle. The certain changes in a positive way, it gave American Indian children a sense of direction for the academic and educational ways but failed to take the traditional teachings as well as the language away from them. The language was far more devastating than taking the culture itself but the traditional teaching meant way much more. The language was far more powerful in which the United States military. The government used the Navajo language to win the battle of WWII. The Navajo Code Talkers were the secret weapon, respectfully. So having a change in the outside world gave American Indians a chance to grow, change, keep and survive a dying cultivation and I am a great example.


Another view on Western Civilization, on a political aspect, even though  we don’t have monarchs, prime ministers, kings and queens, we still have leaders to run our country and a president to make the ultimate choice on certain things, who many Americans today don’t agree with. For example, president Trump. President Trump in my opinion is  rational thinker and will run our country accordingly.  According to the Article, “Trump doesn’t care if you don’t like him,  it states, Trump’s very thin skin and disregard for everything negative along with a misunderstanding of the difference between election polls and surveys of public attitudes, the truth is that Trump doesn’t care” (Zelizer, article).

This is true whether it’s about a tweet, the election polls, Russia, North Korea, tax cuts, national parks or right down to a racial slur, President Trump seems to cover it all. Racism has been around for quite sometime and just recently when my grandfathers, the Navajo Code talkers were supposed to be honored for their recognition for their outstanding accomplishment, President Trump disrespected the American Indian population. Trump speech to honor the Navajo Code talkers, he says,  “You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas” (Vitali, Article). You can call it a radical slur, not only is it a radcial slur to me this it’s just disrespectful and a stab to my heart. This is very emabarrassing comment especially coming from the Commander in Chief (even that too, bothers me).

Image result for navajo code talkers

Back to Western Civilization, according to the Washington Post, during a speech President Trump was talking about Western Civilization and it was directed in reference to Poland he says, “at the center of European Civilization” and warned that our shared Western civilization is threatened by “totalitarian forces in the world who seek . . . to further their barbarous assault on the human spirit.” He called on the West to defend” the great civilized ideas: individual liberty, representative government, and the rule of law under God” and criticized “the shyness of some of us in the West about standing for these ideals” (Thiessen, Article). So more or less President Trump wants to run our country the way it was ran decades ago, more of a business man that he is or not, it still has a major impact on our political views as a whole

     So in conclusion, Western Civilization still has a major impact in our society. It also contributed to many changes, many are positive and many more are negative, depending what ethnic background you represent, thus we were and still are faced with hardships of change and acceptance, for example your sexual orientation and your ethnicity. As a society, we overcame many obstacles and still face many today and some may never go away and some may reappear but in a different aspect, but we manage as a society to keep moving forward and learn to speak, practice, carry, protect, accuse, serve, vote, grow and stand up for what we believe is right.


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